High quality chassis initio_1

Extreme cooling. No noise initio-2

ATX and Micro-ATX initio-3



INITIO II is the natural developement of Initio case, 6 years after its arrival. With updated aesthetics and features, INITIO II adjusts in a perfect way to nowadays´ needs.

Its front panel, in glossy black with mirror-effect, provides a clean, elegant and professional design. Its lightweight chasis includes an ultra-silent 9 cm Aura Pro fan, with anti-vibration pads, for a maximum cooling with the lowest noise.

  • ATX/ Micro-ATX
  • Drive bays: 4 x 5,25″ (3 externas)/ 6 x 3,5″(1 externa)
  • VGA Max. 255 mm
  • I/O Ports: 2 x USB 2.0
  • Expansion slots: 7

INITIO II 500 includes a 500W Radix ECO power supply. This 85+ ECO power supply gets extremely high performance, up to 85%, for a better energy saving. It also has PFC in order to get an ultra-silent and safe performance. With its 10 high-security protection system, Radix ECO is the safest power supply.

radixeco500     Cables:

  • 20+4PIN x 1
  • CPU 4 PIN x 1
  • HDD 4PIN x 2
  • FDD 4 PIN x 1
  • SATA x 2







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