About us

Tacens means silence in Latin. It gathers all that silence involves: sobriety, reflection, contemplation, meditation and contact with the soul. And that´s why all Tacens’ products are designed by these key principles and are named in Latin, invoking their soul. Our silence philosophy also expands to our products designs: made to reduce noise, with smart cooling systems, unique and patented technologies…

Back in 2005, Tacens was born with the idea of getting the users closer to technology. And that´s why part of our success lies on our products´ price-quality relation. We are sale leaders in almost every product range we offer, thanks to innovation in systems with global success, such as 0dB Technology, offering a functional passive silent working of the elements.

In Tacens we are totally engaged with the environment, compromising with the coexistence between our activity and the respect for the planet. We try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, always using friendly materials with the environment in order to minimize impact over our planet.


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